Move on and Thrive Coaching Programme 

A 6 month group coaching programme for people making planned changes

Starts Tuesday 12th April


Maybe you have ideas, but not the energy or know how to move them forward. Maybe you're in a holding pattern and can't see a way out, Or there are a bunch of options and it's overwhelming. Are you a little worried about hurting peoples feelings?

In this 3 part webinar I'm aiming for my people (that's you) to feel more confident in your abilities, to get out of your over-thinky head and recognise and follow your own intuition. I want you to Lead From Your Belly, in order to take regular action, and to reach towards your goals.

In this webinar we covered:


Want to find empowering support while you navigate through your change?

Want to move forward with integrity?

Want to create healthy boundaries?

Want to learn energy healing techniques?

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