I offer 60 or 90 minute appointments by phone or video call.

Call me for a free 30 minute evaluation to discuss your needs.

90 minutes £60

60 minutes £40

Concessions are £15 off

With each consultation we start with a short grounding exercise followed by you telling me some of the history of your situation and what you would like me to focus on.

I will scan your chakra and energy fields giving you feedback of what I'm noticing.

From there each session will be different depending on your needs but will always include lots of conversation and time for reflection and hopefully a lot of laughter.

Appointments for children can also be made although any work done with children is actually through their adult guardian with the child's consent so the main work of the call would be with the adult and not the child.

After scheduling an appointment with me through the Book a Consultation button, you will receive a confirmation email.

I recommend that clients decide when they are ready to work with me as I cannot work effectively unless they are fully willing.

After an initial flurry of sessions close together, the majority of my clients see me between 4 -8 times a year.

Clients work with me because they want better health, better relationships with people or a better relationship with money and work.

That may seem like a really diverse focus but they all have in common the urge to be more connected to themselves, to their intuition and to feel in control of their choices.

This work is for you if you want to

* Feel better in your body

* Manage grief and feelings of detachment

* Address anxieties and the 'something wrong' feelings

* Shift old negative circles of thought and ways of reacting

* Get rid of habits

* Address your trouble sleeping

* Release limiting beliefs, making you more free to make good choices

* Cope with fears and anger

* Free yourself from feeling overwhelmed

* Quieten obsessive thoughts

* Stop the self sabotage

* Stop being overwhelmed by feelings of guilt or shame

* Open yourself to new relationships, safely

....and more

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