Move on and Thrive

6 Month Group Coaching Programme

For people looking for support to make a change towards viable, adequately paid, self employment.

I'll help you understand Energy and intuition and how to hold your space, to regain confidence in your abilities, and to create a plan so you can take regular action to smash your goals.


New course Starts September/October TBC

Over the 6 months you will:

  • Begin to move forward with integrity, taking solid action, 

  • Learn to see the big picture overview so that you understand how and why it hasn't been working

  • Be supported to find your own answers, so that, going forward you have all the tools you need 

  • Create mental clarity

  • Develop, and start using a sustainable action plan

  • Take back control and laugh more

What's involved

This is a small-group programme intended to support you through planned change.

We'll meet weekly, online for 24 weeks and discuss and create support, clear limiting beliefs, and build a toolkit of resources.

You'll learn how to always create action from a place of centred alignment, even in a crisis, and hold strong, healthy boundaries. You'll also learn simple Quantum Energy techniques to use for yourself and your family going forward.

There will be 3 group meetings and a Mastermind each month.

There will be optional practice, exercises and reading, available in-between meetings

You will have three 1:1 sessions with me

and a really supportive group to help keep you energised

What's Included

Month 4

Assessing Daily habits 

Reviewing Entire Environment 

Identifying and Clearing energies

Working with fear


Month 5

Further building on skills for your toolkit.

Speaking out and being Heard

Being safe with Emotions

Loose ends 

Identify and Release Beliefs


Month 6

Reviewing and Celebrating

Consolidating and Practising Energy Clearing Techniques

Future planning, Looking ahead from a place of strength.

Month 1


Setting Goals and Intentions

Clarify Vision and Direction

Understanding the Self, values and motivation

Emotional Awareness

Remove Blocks to Clarity and Acceptance 

Productivity and Planning 

Happy Place

Habits and Triggers

Hidden Patterns

Unpicking Resistance


Month 2

Strategy Planning that really works for you

A unique to you Action Plan

Fears and Confidence issues.

Making it safe to be seen

More time unpicking resistance and openness

Marketing free from Sleaze

Energetic Boundaries

Environment Goals

Thinking Models


Month 3

3 Month Action and Goal Review

Being OK with Celebrating.

Increasing Resilience

Beliefs around Power, strength and owning your space.

Building Support and a Supportive Environment

Accepting Help


Pre session

A 45 minute call with me to get to the roots of your situation


Month 1 - Day 1


Set goals and intentions

We will remove blocks to clarity and acceptance of your situation.

If possible, clarify vision and direction


Day 2


Productivity and Planning

Environment assessment, home, work environment, people, habits, what you're reading

Boundary work – safe to allow the space and time for myself.


Day 3


Feedback on Productivity structures and environment

Tweaking Productivity structures

Removing blocks to organisation/ relaxation

Creating space for the self safely

Being in the NOW

Your happy place

returning to your happy place


Day 4



Month 2- Day 5


Using your goals and vision to chunk down to comfortable bits of time

10 day action plan

Removing blocks to clarity, blocks to maintaining boundaries

Accepting help


Day 6


Addressing fears and confidence, clearing beliefs

Checking in on environment goals and new habit progress

Energy of environment


Day 7


Address resistance and openness, clearing beliefs


Energetic boundaries


Day 8



Month 3 – Day 9

Share and review celebration

Removing blocks to celebration and seeing success

Beliefs around weaknesses

Beliefs around change and power

It's safe to be strong

Day 10


Checking in on habits


Reversing 'doing it myself' beliefs when they are from lack

Beliefs around power and allowing support




Day 11


Taking action on support

Celebrating support

Beliefs around forgiveness

Removing fears


Day 12


Month 4 – Day 13


Clearing boundaries and energies 


Day 14


Boundaries questions and practice


Day 15


Boundaries, getting comfortable with No

Getting comfortable with opportunity

Removing fears


Day 16



Month 5 – Day 17


Happy place review

Skills review

Being allowed/ Speaking out

Making it Safe to express honestly

Safe emotions


Day 18


Identifying and clearing beliefs safely part 1


Day 19


Identifying and clearing beliefs safely part 2


Day 20



Month 6 – Day 21


Identifying and clearing beliefs practice


Day 22


Review and celebration

What next


Day 23



Day 24

Future planning

10 Week Guarantee

If by the end of week 10, you are not completely happy with the programme, then we will rip up your contract and refund you the remaining 14 weeks

My intention and wish for you after this programme is that you have confidence
You can see your way through

You have built a system to navigate your next steps forward
You feel fully supported, celebrated and witnessed


I've been qualified and serving clients as a Quantum Energy healer since 2014. I'm CBT certified and NLP trained and I am an Inner Game for Success coach.

Navigating the transformation from being on the edge, to properly thriving has been my obsession for several years now. After pushing myself right to the brink, I dedicated myself to re-writing everything I knew about adulting, responsibility, organisation, boundaries and success.

Now, from my thriving and abundant resting place, I'm excited to share everything I've learnt along the way.



I feel that some very old thought patterns have shifted, I relate to challenges in a different way, and it feels like I have had a chance to meet a very old and less complicated me that I have missed a lot who quicker comes back to joy and clarity.

I have found this amazing healer to help with my quality of life. Catherine is a very professional and warm person. Every time I have an appointment with her I feel more balanced and free person.

I can't even put into words how I felt after our session and to this day still feel it helped me on my journey.

They have given me the tools to centre myself and to ask myself the question which could be standing in my way and how to check in with what is happening and where I am at. The tools provided help to cognitively understand blockages and when your energy isn’t right. 

I felt I opened up, I’m not sure how else to explain it. But apart of me felt like it could finally breathe and that everything made more sense. 

I feel this course has allowed me to practice trusting my feelings and listen to what's going on inside of me. I had opened for me the door to a new world of perceiving and understanding my experiences. I opened myself to experiencing and trusting what I do not understand and allowed greater powers into my life. Suddenly I was allowed to communicate with beings that had always seemed out of reach, ask for what I needed, and be given. 

I feel the tools have given me perspective, understanding and opportunity to work with myself on a deeper level. I gained confidence in my own reception of changes that occur and trust that what I'm doing serves the good. I really benefited from your guidance and with your great personality you made me feel safe to explore. 

I was very happy with the professional help Catherine provided and with her calm, warm and patient attitude. With that help I learnt much more about myself than I would have expected and it was the start of a real change for me.

What's Included?

Weekly group coaching over 6 months

Optional supplementary work to be completed in-between sessions

24 weekly calls

Personalised feedback

Ongoing group support

Monthly Mastermind


Bi-monthly 1:1 calls with me

Basic Quantum Energy healing tuition

Price £960

6 Places Left


Secure your space now

£40 per week

£5. 71 per day

Most asked Questions

I've got so much going on right now

This is exactly why I have the programme. My intention is not to set up yet another thing to pile on to your busyness. I will be adding support, space holding, guidance and healing. We will be creating space and freeing your time and mental capacity.


Tell me about the 10 week guarantee

If at any point up to 10 weeks, you decide that you've gone far enough, then that's absolutely fine. You will be refunded any extra you've paid beyond that point/ stop payments and you can walk away.


How do payment plans work?

I'm happy to be super flexible. Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, in 2 halves, full pay. Let me know your needs and I'll invoice you accordingly.


I see you've got Masterminds each month. What are they?

I will be holding the Masterminds more loosely than the weekly meetings. They are an opportunity for us to freestyle and discuss whatever is most important to the group and the individuals within it at that moment. We can shine a light on needs, wants and concerns, and really get stuck in on a topic.


I'm only free on days/ evenings/ other days

I set the intention that this group will be a constellation. As such, I am asking each attendee whether they prefer day or evening and if there is an alternative day preference. I very strongly believe that the people who are drawn to the group will all have something to offer each other and a need to be in the group together. I would say, if you feel drawn to the programme, get in touch. There will be alignment for the attendees.


I can't make every week

All the sessions will be recorded and will be available for attendees to re-watch. There will be 1:1 sessions with me also and I'm available for support throughout.


I'm not very good with groups

Interesting. Groups are still rather new for me and I'm always happy to work 1:1. Get in touch and we can chat to see if we can work something out.


I'd like to learn the energy healing but I'm not sure about the rest of it.

If there was enough interest I would happily run a more focused-on-energy-healing-techniques programme. If you've asked this, I'll keep you in mind if enough other folks ask. If you haven't asked but are thinking it, get in touch and I can add you to gauge numbers.

Payment Plans available - contact me for options

Register your interest in the programme now


Starts September/ October

Full Pay 



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