Feeling the pressure?

Frequently on the brink of being Overwhelmed.

Emotions veer between heightened or numb with little middle ground.

You take on the responsibility of others.

Have difficulty unwinding at the end of a day/ insomnia.

Have stories where you were taken advantage of, or over committed and your input went unrecognised.

You sometimes feel like an imposter.

You believe that things are probably your fault.

You don't truly feel worthy of love or positive attention.

If you answer yes to 3 of these it's likely that you are on the edge of Burn-out


If you're an entrepreneur, you're a self starter, you're driven, it's likely that you know yourself pretty well by now. It's likely that you know that you can power through and do what needs doing. But do you recognise that these issues are affecting your ability to run your business as efficiently as you are able?


If you're not an entrepreneur, do you recognise where these issues are keeping you in a holding pattern?

When these issues are solved you won't need to power through and push yourself.

You'll find that you have more energy and enthusiasm to begin new projects, navigate a way through your issues and (if relevant) grow your income.

If these issues are yours, and you want to be free of them, sign up with your email to get a copy of my PDF Prevent Burn-out in 6 Steps


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Catherine Whyte

The Inner Game for Success Coach

White Structure

And don't just take my word for it! Here's an extract of the booklet. This is step 4.

4. Be aware of the things you do to distract you from feeling too much, and how they loop together

This is different for everyone.

• endless empty TV or YouTube,

• Scrolling through the socials,

• linking from one news article to another,

• over researching,

• the drinking/smoking/other,

• the food,

• so much gaming?

• Being in a meh relationship,

• other peoples problems,

• drama?

I'm not asking you to get judgey on yourself, the likelihood is that you've got that covered already. I'm only asking that you turn your awareness to it.

Acknowledge that it happens and that when it does, ask:

• is it a pattern?

• Am I distracting myself from Thinking about how I feel?

• Am I distracting myself from Feeling?

Most of our fears, are fears of feeling.

If you can, set aside a bit of time each week, then each day, to feel what's going on for you, Especially if it's uncomfortable.

Just 5 or 10 minutes.

When you shower, when you brush your teeth. What are you ignoring or stuffing? It hurts a bit to look, but the act of looking makes it hurt just a little bit less....

White Structure

Sounds Great! I want to read more