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Practical, no touch, energy techniques

Quantum Energy Healing is an umbrella term for a collected system of healing practices that promote wellness and empowerment.

These methods are very useful in coping with a, seemingly, surprising range of problems or disorders. Ultimately my aim is to make space for you to step aside from emotions and thought patterns that limit you.

If you experience frequent anxiety, pain or distress, and you decide you want that to change, then Quantum Energy Healing can help you identify the disturbance and then support you as you move into a better place.


“Catherine, I have been trying to sum up in words what I think of my first session with you, and it has been really difficult. The experience is so far from anything I have tried before, and I have tried various kinds of healing, coaching and counselling. Two words come to mind, incredible and amazing. I feel that some very old thought patterns have shifted, I relate to challenges in a different way, and it feels like I have had a chance to meet a very old and less complicated me that I have missed a lot who quicker comes back to joy and clarity.

Thank you so much.”

- Tine Landy

“Catherine is clearly a very talented energy therapist, who took 2 sessions to reduce a serious neck injury down to something where the pain was minor and I could work full-time again.”

- Imogen Caterer

“I just wanted to let you know how deeply grateful I am to you. I didn't really know what to expect when I contacted you and I certainly didn't expect this. I've been stuck in this angry cycle for so long and it seems to have lifted. Every single day for as long as I can remember, I was getting angry and frustrated, saying things I regretted, behaving in a way I didn't want to as a parent, and since I spoke to you this hasn't happened once. It's not like I'm holding anger back and managing to behave better, its just not coming. I can't tell you what a relief this is. I am humbled and astounded by this. Thank you so much. I would really like to work with you again.”

- Kate M

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