Quantum Healing

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What needs to change?

Quantum Energy Healing is a very practical, no touch, energy technique that promotes wellness and empowerment.

This method is very useful in making space for you to step aside from emotions and thought patterns that limit you. It enables you to find the root causes and reasons behind these feelings, and then lets those feelings go.

I believe that the body and the mind know how to maintain balance as long as they is not thrown out of balance by dis-ease, stress and emotional turmoil.  You and I can work together to restore your balance; reinforcing it gently, yet profoundly, with changed behaviour and core beliefs.



This can be especially, though not exclusively, useful to coping with the yearning and sadness of grief and prolonged or complex grief disorder, and the physical and psychological effects of repeated or chronic, anxiety.  Working together we will aim to shift you away from the behaviour patterns that you'd like to break and lessen your fears.  

Once established, it can take you futher, it can be used to remove internalised voices of critisicm and so help you achieve new peace.


Quantum Healing lends itself very well to distance work, so clients can have appointments with me from the comfort of their familiar home surroundings.

I am also a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

Catherine Whyte Quantum Healing

Don't struggle alone. Call me to discuss your needs or go to my Appointments page and book a session.

I set up this practice in October 2014. Since starting, the overwhelming response is that most have never experienced anything quite like this method, which is just what I thought when I first received Quantum Healing back in 2005. I want to make this incredible experience accessible to even more people, so once a week, in addition to my 20 minute free consultations, I'm now offering an hour long session to one person absolutely FREE. These sessions are aimed at people who have never had an appointment with me.

If you experience frequent anxiety, pain or distress , and you decide you want that to change, then Quantum Energy Healing can help you identify the disturbance and then support you as you move into a better place.