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Putting my oxygen mask on first

By cwhyte, Dec 11 2018 12:03AM

I've been reminded of the oxygen mask analogy today. the one where we're told to put on our own oxygen mask on first, before we can help anyone else.

"All these things and more, that's what Christmas means to me my love," The Stevie Wonder song is playing through my mind on a loop.

I was reminded tonight about the importance of listening to myself, and now that I am listening (thank you Stevie), my body and mind have been shouting STOP for a good couple of weeks now.

It's easy to get tired, overstretched and strained at any big holiday or birthday, as we struggle to reconcile the dream of 'perfection' in our head with the reality of our circumstances. Whether it's a religious or secular festival, if it's 'supposed' to be 'wonderful' and we feel we are carrying other peoples expectations on our shoulders, it's going to be hard going.

This year I'm feeling that I need to make new Christmas traditions, now that we're one person down. It's also very likely to be the last year our youngest child thinks of Christmas in THAT special and lovely way.

I've been steering the festive ship close to the wind and I've just realised, I'm knackered. It's time to stop, put the oxygen mask on by going out in nature, digging in the garden and being alone for a while. When I'm re oxygenated I'll look into delegating and scaling back and making the next few weeks enjoyable for me too.

And that's a new tradition I can really get behind.

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