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On being good enough

By cwhyte, Jul 8 2019 09:51AM

As ever, I've had a timely reminder from clients this month, that the not-so-simple statement:

You are full of love and are loveable, can be a hard pill to take. Turns out, we don't all feel full of love and/or loveable...would you believe it, I add wryly.

Permit me this digression:

I tend to advise clients to steer clear of repeating these 'positive' statements to themselves in an attempt to make them stick; mantra's like: I deserve love, I am good enough, I'm successful.

These statements are little combustion engines waiting to be infused with the weight of the personal meaning that we bring to them. We say the statement, it causes a spark of emotional reaction.

If that reaction is in anyway pleasant then we're golden.

If that emotion is one of disbelief or discomfort, what is actually getting affirmed is the conviction that the opposite is true: I don't deserve love, I'm not good enough, I'm not successful. Then the engine of belief ticks over as the statements are repeated.

Since the major part of my job is removing meaning from words and statements made a lifetime ago, I will never tire of saying: If you don't believe it, don't say it again.

Meanwhile, back on topic....

If you read the Solstice post and got caught at that statement, you maybe felt it didn't sit comfortably with you, or felt alien, then change it.

Try: I have the capacity to be full of love and be loveable.

If still no: I have the potential to one day be full of love and be loveable.

No? : I am who I am, and that's the same for everyone.

As always, if you have struggled with anything mentioned above, then please know that you can call, message or email me for a telephone or Skype appointment because you really do deserve to deserve love, you really are good enough and only you can measure your success, because only you know how far you've come.

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