Passionate about healing and finding solutions for change

I believe that the body and the mind know how to maintain balance as long as they are not thrown out of balance by dis-ease, stress and emotional turmoil. You and I can work together to unearth the roots underpinning your issues, to address them and restore your balance; reinforcing it gently, yet profoundly, with changed behaviour and core beliefs.

I first experienced Quantum Energy Healing back in 2005. It blew my mind. One of the things I loved most was how the issues we’d started working on, which had seemed so big were just gone and irrelevant a few sessions later. Of course there were other bigger issues to work through that I hadn’t even clocked yet.

11 years later in October 2014, after a lot of energy work on myself and training, I set up this practice.

Since then I have helped people reducing unwanted behaviour; restoring mental balance and sense of self; working through sadness, anger and feelings of failure or uncertainty. I’ve also worked to treat the physical and psychological effects of chronic grief or trauma such as anxiety, eating and trouble sleeping.

Once established, Quantum healing can take you further within. It can be used to quieten internalised voices of criticism and so help you to achieve peace.

Quantum Energy Healing uses information from your energetic body, sometimes spoken of as chi or prana, Consciousness or the quantum field.

It’s very much a co-creative process meaning that you are as much a part of the process as I am as a practitioner, although some elements of the work may feel quite passive.

This methodology has been used under this title for around 40 years now though it is still a little unusual.

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